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lithographic process

muka studio
started in 1984 as a workshop dedicated exclusively to printing lithographs in the traditional way from lithographic stone. initially the studio operated two small lithographic presses.

frans at the paris press

artists were invited to produce their work in cooperation with frans baetens and magda van gils.

in 1986 the purchase of an original semi automatic "voirin" press dramatically increased the capacity of the workshop.

every year a few selected artists are invited by the studio for a working holiday in new zealand 
the overseas artists are hosted in a flat annex to the workshop.
muka thus gained not only a name for the quality of its printmaking and the originality of its worldwide projects but even for its hospitality and cuisine!

the studio regularly commissions artworks which go on sale exclusively at muka gallery

the studio also specialises in producing sets of  original lithographs on demand for individuals and institutions, hotels, museums etc. project cost and timing have to be discussed on a case by case base.

muka studio printed it's last artwork in 2011.
the workshop was transformed into a beautifull place and muka gallery moved from it's ponsonby location to the premisses of its famous studio

the lithographic process