muka prints 


original lithographs by prominent artists  
  • to be seen
  • to be appreciated
  • to be bought eventually
  • to be owned 
  • exclusively by people under 19
no adults allowed
  • the magic value of art
  • can not be expressed in money
  • it’s all about connecting
  • ideally at a young age
the best way to make young people acquainted with contemporary art is to get real works of art in their hands, 
normally the cost of art work is forbidding for young people, muka offers an excellent opportunity
  • a number of well known artists from all over the world are invited to produce a set of small (100x200mm) original lithographs
  • the works reflect the normal style and concerns of the artists, there is no patronising or "talking down" to children  
  • the lithographs will eventually be sold exclusively to young people aged 5 - 18-19 (inclusive) 
  • there will be no limit on the number of prints one can choose this time but only for themselves, not for adults
  • all works are sold at a uniform  low price, set according to specific costs in every country 
  • names and signatures of the artists are covered over during the shows, muka wants young art collectors 
  • to look at the work, not considering the fame of the artist or potential for financial gain  
  • adults are not allowed in at the exhibtions
  • visitors can enter the exhibition space only once
  • mobile phones and cameras are not allowed into the exhibition space
  • for ALL venues the special muka DIY frames are available at $80 each    order them by e-mail voucher (add address details) or at the event when paying (give address details). Frames will be individually sent within 10 days.
To understand the concept, listen to Radio New Zealand National Programmes Nine To Noon Feature Guests — Frans Baetens & Magda Van Gils.